USB-ED is geared and ready to deliver seamless remote learning in place of face-to-face or blended delivery

As we approach the 2021 academic year, it is due to the uncertainty surrounding the national Covid-19 lock-down status that USB-ED may, in the interests of health and safety, have no alternative but to transition all scheduled 2021 Blended Learning and/or Face-to-Face programmes to Remote Learning via Zoom.  USB Executive Development is committed to protecting the health and safety of our participants as our first priority. 

Deadline for notice of Remote Learning transition status by USB-ED:
In an effort to reduce your uncertainty and to empower you to make informed decisions as far as possible, we have taken the following decisions and set timelines against them with regards to the Young Minds Programme 2021:

1. Provision of final grade 12 / equivalent results
We are aware that final grade 12 / equivalents results will only be published on 22 February and as such, your acceptance onto the programme will be granted based on your mid-year results.  You are still required to submit your final results to the Programme Manager on receipt, in order to be awarded your Stellenbosch University certificate on successful completion of the programme.

2. 1st Semester: January - June 2021
USB Executive Development has made the firm decision that the Young Minds Programme will be presented remotely via Zoom for (at least, as this stage) the first semester of the course until early June 2021 (exact dates to be confirmed). First and foremost, USB Executive Development and Stellenbosch University are jointly committed to protecting the health and safety of our Young Minds participants.  We are fully geared to providing a collaborative and interactive Remote Learning experience, as was done in 2020.

3. Laptop access and stable WiFi connectivity
Please note that you are responsible and liable for your own arrangements relating to both laptop access and stable, uninterupted WiFi/data connectivity for self-study and Remote Learning via Zoom. 

4. Status of 2nd Semester: Notice by 30th April 2021
We appreciate that, should we be able to revert to a blended (partial face-to-face) learning model for the 2nd semester (July - November), there will be logistical and cost implications for you, in terms of possible travel and/or accommodation.  We will endeavour to notify you by Friday, 30th April 2021 as to whether the 2nd semester will continue as remote or transition to Blended Learning to allow time for the necessary arrangements to be made. In the event that we do transition to Blended Learning for the 2nd semester, all students must be present for scheduled face-to-face learning without exception. 

5. Programme Opening and Orientation Day: 16 March 2021
The Programme Opening (morning) and orientation (afternoon) will continue as scheduled, via Zoom.  We encourage parents and loved ones to join us for the morning session to "meet" USB-ED management, some of our wonderful faculty members as well as our invaluable Learning Process Facilitators, Anelda and Aurelia, who will be walking the Young Minds journey with you this year.  More info on this opening day to follow shortly.

6. Adjustment to Fees:
Effective immediately, the original 2021 Blended Learning fee of R54, 800 incl VAT has been adjusted down to R51, 550 incl VAT to accommodate for the transition to Remote Learning for 1st semester.  In the event that the original fee has been paid, a refund of the difference will be issued in due course.

7. Notice of withdrawal from the Young Minds Programme: 5 February 2021
Should you wish to withdraw from the programme on the basis of the decision to transition to Remote Learning for 1st semester, written notice must be received by the Programme Manager ( on or before Friday, 5 February 2021 and the full programme fee will be refunded.

*USB-ED is not liable for any costs incurred in relation to the procurement of, nor the commitment to, private accommodation in Stellenbosch.  Private accommodation arrangements are entered into at the participant's own risk For assistance regarding private student accommodation on main campus, please refer to Stellenbosch University's Private Student Organisations (PSOs) website for more info. 

In As of January 2021, all our Blended Learning / Face-to-face Learning programmes are proceeding as scheduled with one Face-to-Face Module and one or more Remote Learning modules.  We will update you as and when there are any changes.

Please click here to view the 2021 Programme Calendar for more info on the 2021 Open Enrolment programme schedule. 


How does Remote Learning work in practicality?

Remote Learning, via the Zoom virtual platform, is live, synchronised learning, and attendance at the pre-scheduled sessions is compulsory. Rest assured that USB-ED, as well as the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB), is ready and well equipped to enable this shift. We have had the required infrastructure and support systems in place for some time and we will do everything we can to ensure that, as a participant, you are effortlessly able to engage in the Remote Learning environment. Our faculty, Learning Process Facilitators (LPFs) and relevant staff have received both technical and engagement training in order to ensure that your learning experience is not diminished in any way, in fact we advocate that it will be augmented as a result.

Remote Learning Toolkit:

Please click here to access our Remote Learning Toolkit, a guide to better inform you of what the Remote Learning process will entail.



Be assured we are continuously monitoring the ever-changing circumstances surrounding COVID-19 and we remain committed to delivering an internationally bench-marked learning experience.

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