USB-ED is geared and ready to deliver seamless remote learning in place of face-to-face delivery*

*Transitioning all Face-to-Face programmes to Remote Learning is an interim response.

USB-ED will transition interim remote programmes back to face-to-face delivery when we are notified that it is safe to do so.

Following the unprecedented COVID-19 developments over the past 10 days, your safety as our clients, participants, as well as the safety of our staff and suppliers continues to be our highest priority.

Be assured that USB-ED has, in line with the active recommendations of the President, World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), put extensive measures in place to ensure that our participants will be simultaneously able to successfully complete your learning journey with us and to maintain your own safety. 

Open Enrolment Programmes:
In light of the information at hand, as an interim measure in response to COVID-19, USB-ED’s Open Enrolment face-to-face programmes have been transitioned to REMOTE LEARNING (live and synchronous) with immediate effect. For programme-specific information, please refer to the individual course pages on the website. For a holistic view of all 2020 remote programmes, please click here to view the 2020 Remote Programme Calendar. For further Open Enrolment enquiries, please contact USB-ED [+27 21 918 4488 |].

Customised programmes:
USB-ED strongly recommends for our Customised programme clients to transition in-house programmes to REMOTE LEARNING. Please consult with your respective Executive Corporate Developer.

Status of Face-to-face as a mode of delivery:

We acknowledge those clients and participants for whom Remote Learning is not the optimum mode of delivery. USB-ED will transition interim remote programmes back to face-to-face delivery when we are notified that it is safe to do so.

How will Remote Learning work in practicality?

Remote Learning, via the Zoom virtual platform, is live, synchronised learning, and attendance at the pre-scheduled sessions is compulsory. Rest assured that USB-ED, as well as the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB), is ready and well equipped to enable this shift. We have had the required infrastructure and support systems in place for some time and we will do everything we can to ensure that, as a participant, you are effortlessly able to engage in the Remote Learning environment. Our faculty, Learning Process Facilitators (LPFs) and relevant staff have received both technical and engagement training in order to ensure that your learning experience is not diminished in any way, in fact we advocate that it will be augmented as a result.

Remote Learning Toolkit:

Please click here to access our Remote Learning Toolkit, a guide to better inform you of what the Remote Learning process will entail.


Be assured we are continuously monitoring the ever-changing circumstances surrounding COVID-19 and we remain committed to delivering an internationally bench-marked learning experience.


South Africa:        

Claire Sissing
t: +27 21 918 4222


Ilonka van Vuuren    
t: +27 011 460 6984


Jim Linskey                
t: +27 82 415 8484


Charmaine Mitchell / Bernard Taylor      
t: +27 21 918 4488


Western Cape:   

Vernon Johnson
t: +27 21 918 4347

Gauteng | KZN | Botswana:      

Ilonka van Vuuren
t: +27 11 460 6984  

Africa (non-Botswana):              

Tresella Nayager
t: +27 11 460 6989                      

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