School Leavers

Young Minds Programme

  • Price from: TBC for 2023
Course modalities & Duration:
  • Blended - 9 months



As a school-leaver, student or young graduate, you often have drive, enthusiasm, dynamism. You want to make your mark in the world. But sometimes it can be confusing to know what to do or which way to start forging your path. This is where the Young Minds Programme comes in. This programme helps you to create your own career opportunities, with guided life direction, while equipping you with the necessary business skills required to become a highly successful entrepreneur.

Who is this course for?

Best suited to the youth, the Young Minds Programme assists matriculants who want to prepare for a successful career, students who feel unsure about their current study choices, or young graduates who want to create their own career opportunities or move into corporate business.

This video features real-life experiences from past participants. They share what they learned from the programme, and which aspects they enjoyed most.

Why choose this course?

When you are at the daunting crossroads of making decisions that affect your future, you can find yourself facing a world full of endless opportunities. You want to do something that will best suit you, and will help you to succeed and reach your full potential.

On this journey of personal development, you’ll discover what business journey you would like to embark on and practically set out the goals you need to achieve your dreams. This fascinating and practical course will:

  • Help you to define your direction and life goals
  • Prepare you to embark on a business management career path
  • Enable you to apply entrepreneurial thinking to create opportunities and wealth for yourself and others
  • Help you gain management skills that will increase your employability

Admission requirements

  • USB-ED confirms that applicants will be granted full acceptance to the programme based achievement of a minimum average of 55% for prelim / mid-year grade 12 exams.

What our learning partners had to say

The programme is holistic, I would say, because I developed every part of myself

Claudia Waschefort

The course helped me to set out small goals towards my dreams

Tsebo Koena

It's all about personal development - not only the business subjects. You get to develop yourself as a person and (discover) how to react in certain situations - you really get to know what you're good at; but even better, what you are NOT good at!

Robin de Cauwer
2015 Top student

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