Sustainable Cities & Town Planning Course - South Africa

  • south-africaPresented in:South Africa
  • Price:R10 800
  • Cape Town
  • 6 days


The Sustainable Cities course provides a comprehensive overview of the spectacular transformation of the world as it crosses the threshold of becoming a majority urban world for the first time in human history.

Who is this course for?

The course is ideal for postgraduate students and professionals working as urban planners, architects, city and town planners, municipal managers and policy makers interested in understanding and creating sustainable cities, urban sustainability and sustainable developments.

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Why choose this course?

The challenge of designing, building and operating more sustainable urban infrastructure systems is a particular focus of the course, and participants will be introduced to some of the key concepts and trends in the vibrant and fast expanding literature on contemporary urban challenges, including how to make cities more sustainable (which includes focusing on renewable energy, carbon emissions, energy efficiency and waste management). This will be done by focusing in particular on urban infrastructures, and the flow of resources through urban systems understood through the lens of urban metabolism. This provides the foundation for dealing with the politics and governance challenges around creating sustainable cities. The course:

  • Delves into the differential dynamics of worldwide urbanisation, with particular reference to the global South
  • Demonstrates that these large-scale shifts in human movement, economic development and expansion of the built environment hold deeply troubling implications for sustainability.

Admission requirements

  • Matric Certificate or equivalent.
  • Good grasp of English (reading, writing and speaking)
  • Basic computer and internet skills.
  • For admission via Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), the general rules will apply based on work experience, age, and maturity.

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