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Advanced Management

Senior Management Development Programme (SMDP) - Blended

  • Price:R79 500
  • Blended
  • 15 days over 6 months



As a cutting-edge senior management programme, the Senior Management Development Programme (SMDP) broadens managers’ worldviews, cultivating an empowered resilience for dynamic business environments. The SMDP equips you with a design mindset to explore strategic management concepts around innovation, collaboration, organisational change and business agility in a complex world, assisting you to reach your potential.

Who is this course for?

Best suited for senior managers from any industry, the SMDP is especially for those in management positions who are interested in developing a strategic leadership mindset and acquiring the ability to sense and respond to new business models.

Why choose this course?

In a rapidly changing environment, organisations are being exposed to a completely new way of working. Over the course of 6 months, the training within the SMDP empowers you with the tools to:

  • Develop leadership thinking
  • Explore strategic concepts and integrative strategy
  • Evaluate new frameworks and tools to support sustainable business
  • Interpret the challenges of globalisation and its effect on business
  • Assess and report on the financial viability of organisations
  • Develop foresight and navigate shifts in organisational forms
  • Determine the importance of changing business models
  • Formulate strategies for customer value creation using design thinking
  • Apply project management tools and techniques to plan and execute projects efficiently and effectively
  • Interpret and demonstrate the relationship between various strategic, operational and leadership themes

Admission requirements

  • English language competence at NQF level 4 or equivalent.
  • Foundational knowledge of management and business
  • 3 - 5 years experience in a middle to senior management role

What our learning partners had to say

When I started my SMDP course at USB, I was 3months into a new role I had been recently promoted to at work. The insights gained from the programme- have helped to enhance my strategic thought processes, and equipped me as a manager, with the necessary leadership and project management skills necessary to perform in this transitional business world. I’ve also developed more knowledge in financial statements which were not my strengths prior to the course.

Sbu Koyana

The SMDP benefited be a great deal. Since I have attended the programme, I have been about to boost my department strategy through ensuring that our strategy is simple and easy to understand and that it speaks direct to our overall 5 year strategy. The programme further boosted my emotional being, team work, as well as conflict resolution. The programme have been beneficial for my organisation, the Road Accident Fund (RAF).

Kwanele Mabuza

It provided me with an update on the latest management and leadership skills need to navigate the current South African business environment. I am now able to assess and tackle business problems with a clear framework, resulting in delivery on key objectives. This has been invaluable in terms improving my ability to perform my day-to-day duties. From a personal perspective, I have gained a broader network of professionals across multiple industries, which I doubt I would have met up with. In addition, it has now ‘sparked’ my interest in embarking on my continuous lifelong learning journey and will be furthering my studies in the near future. It also provided a point in time reflection, on my strength and weaknesses and broaden my horizons for new exciting opportunities in the future.

Brent Adams

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