Project Leadership and EQ Programme - South Africa

  • south-africaPresented in:South Africa
  • Price: R 24 510
  • Cape Town
  • Johannesburg
  • 5 days over 2 months


Turn ‘Project Manager’ into ‘Project Leader’ with the Project Leadership and EQ programme. Gain a valuable understanding of multi-level leadership principles, emotional intelligence, change management and managerial principles that go beyond the basic operational management of projects.

Who is this course for?

This project leadership course complements those who have a project management background and is best suited to experienced project managers who want to excel in team-based leadership.

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Why choose this course?

Successful projects require the Project Manager to apply leadership skills when interacting with team members as well as across the board. An inevitable reality in project management is the potential for conflict, which can often leave the Project Manager at the centre of conflict resolution. The Project Leadership and EQ programme will equip you with the skills required to address the challenges associated with project management. Over the course of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Identify, compare and apply different leadership theories that impact on project management
  • Develop and apply awareness regarding different EQ competencies
  • Introduce an inclusive and comprehensive model of multi-dimensional leadership intelligence
  • Apply change management frameworks that affect change and transformation within the broader concept of project management
  • Assess and apply negotiation methodologies for the situational application of interest-based conflict resolution

Admission requirements

  • Applicants lacking prior project management training are encouraged to first complete our Project Management short course before enrolling
  • No formal tertiary qualifications are required
  • Mathematical competence is also a recommendation but not a requirement

What our learning partners had to say

Showing consideration for the mood or attitude of role players within your project greatly contributes towards a better working relationship. The Project Leadership & EQ programme taught me that you don’t have to be abrasive to get things done right and on time. Understanding peoples circumstances and showing empathy is not a weakness, but a strength that encourages people to compromise and/or cooperate

MC Botha
Programme Director

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