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Essentials of Coaching Programme

  • Price:R 62 100
  • Remote Learning
  • 2 months


The Essentials of Management Coaching Programme offers participants comprehensive and systemic knowledge of individual coaching, as well as coaching frameworks and models underlying professional coaching practice. This programme is designed to give participants not only coaching skills but also insight into their own way of being. Business coaching is therefore combined with personal development.

Who is this course for?

The course is aimed at human resource professionals, external trainers, consultants, managers and leaders that are currently coaching or aspiring to coach.

Why choose this course?

Coaching is an essential skill for managers, leaders and those in support professions who have to deal diplomatically and professionally with others concerning issues of a personal or sensitive nature. Over the course of the programme, participants will be equipped to:

  • Debate and critique individual coaching frameworks and models underlying professional coaching practice
  • Coherently and critically assess the multiple theoretical perspectives on coaching
  • Relate these theories to the practical and professional coaching environment
  • Demonstrate evidence of self-directed learning
  • Demonstrate evidence of operating in an environment characterised by situations challenging personal beliefs and ethical points of departure
  • Produce a research report which meets the standard of scholarly research and professional writing
  • Communicate clearly with a client by managing the one-on-one relationship in an ethical and professional way.

Admission requirements

  • No formal tertiary qualifications are required.

What our learning partners had to say

Essentials of Management Coaching was a life-changing experience. It gave me the knowledge and skills I needed to become a qualified coach and transformed the way I communicate with loved ones and others. Allowing me to help them realise and reach their full potential. I would strongly recommend this to any person who has a love for human interaction.

Laiqah Dinie

From day one on the programme, I have been more mindful of who I am and who I want to be. Even though the focus was to develop as coach, the programme did more than that. It taught me how to be a reflective practitioner, develop a growth mindset, develop skills to better understand my emotional triggers and behaviours and challenged my thinking. It set in motion a process of self-discovery, who I really am and want to be. By developing my coaching skills it made me a better leader and manager. Being part of the programme created opportunities and introduced me to a new community of people who care about helping people grow. As coach I want to help people become better at what they are already good at.

Morné Nigrini

I personally experienced the course to be an authentic journey of self-discovery. I had significant behavioral changes personally during this course. It has taught me the art of reflection and finding opportunities for continuous improvement. As a requirement to complete the course we had to coach others. This has given me the opportunity to really sharpen my skill and capability of coaching. Professionally - I apply collaborative thinking and reflective practices in my conversations with stakeholders so that we create value in the decisions we make. I use coaching skills and techniques as I engage with my team, peers and people in the organisation. This course has given me a new perspective of the potential people have and has also given me a fresh new lens of how to look at the various systems in the world. The tools given to me during this course I continue to use in my coaching practice so that I am of value to my clients.

Pehovelo Nghaamwa
Capricorn Group (Namibia)

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