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Africa Directors Programme

  • Price:R 131 080
  • Remote Learning
  • 9 days over 4 months



The Africa Directors Programme (ADP) is a unique learning programme designed specifically to equip board directors to govern with confidence, purpose and skill. The focus of the programme is on the director as a person, the governance processes of board dynamics, as well as corporate governance and ethics that follow such a position. This hands-on training promotes sustainable business development through a vision of professional governance that is structured to help build the director’s responsibilities, board leadership skills, credibility and confidence.

Who is this course for?

The ADP course is best suited for newly-appointed and current board directors who would like to develop their role further, connect with their inner strengths and become better equipped to lead responsibly in director risk management, strategy and performance.

Why choose this course?

In the ever-complex business realm, global priorities and challenges often fall on executives’ shoulders. Leaders, therefore, need to adapt their executive roles with new ways of thinking to make room for such changes. This leadership course equips you with tools needed to expand your ability to lead, motivate and achieve business objectives, enhance your global perspectives and empower you to formulate strategic goals. Over the course of 7 months, you’ll learn new techniques and management skills and will be equipped to:

  • Appreciate a global perspective and understanding of global markets
  • Employ cognitive strategies to appraise systems and consider emergent futures
  • Employ adaptive thinking to support strategic leadership decisions
  • Deploy creative workforce strategies to enhance diversity and organisational performance
  • Collaborate and integrate business knowledge, skills and professional networks to enhance your career
  • Develop ethical reasoning in determining the role of business in society

Admission requirements

  • Tertiary qualification recommended but not required
  • At least 2 years’ experience in a senior or executive management position
  • Foundational knowledge or experience of functional management such as in marketing, finance or human resources

What our learning partners had to say

Taking the course as a whole, I did a lot of reflective learning. I realised that the assumptions, experiences and knowledge I brought into the course were enriched, challenged and sometimes altered based on our engagements.

Dan Mokoena

The programme reinforced for me the notion that effective leadership and ethical leadership coexist. The test for this is in the decisions that I take as a director.

Libertha Kapere

Being on a board cannot be an ad hoc or random exercise. One must be continually conscious of the duties, the impact of decisions, and your own behaviour 24 hours a day, beyond board meetings. I don’t find this daunting, I find it exciting.

Zoë Lees

As a director, I learned that my strength of character sometimes comes from adversity and the depth of soul searching.

Reginald Thsikota

The role of the board has shifted for me from oversight to a very active and integrated part of the organisation in terms of strategic direction, risk management, innovation, succession planning and financial planning. I realise now the potential for impact of individual directors as far greater than before.

Anja Frey

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