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Sarah Babb

Sarah Babb


Sarah Babb is an advisory board member of ASTD. Her areas of expertise include leadership in transition, leading in complex times, personal leadership, women in leadership, the emergence of leadership, and leading into the future. She is a faculty member at USB-ED.

Sarah has led culture change projects for large companies in transition through to tech start ups. Surprisingly there is much in common between them as all leaders grapple to lead in complexity and change. She has developed an online certified women in leadership programme and multiple leadership programmes, including leading change in complexity; facilitating across countries and companies.  She has coached executives and board members virtually and direct, working one-on-one and with their teams for greater impact. Sarah has led national scenarios projects, national innovative skills development programmes reaching over 10,000 learners. She likes to say she has learnt through her own hard knocks of building and leading a successful business for 10 years, and through her daily engagement with leaders and her studying leadership in her current PhD.

Education (Qualification and institution) – MBA (GIBS) cum laude, PDM (HR) with distinction Wits Business School, BA (Industrial Psychology & Industrial Sociology) Wits & PhD candidate (Leadership Identity Development) – GIBS to complete in 2020 

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