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How to keep learning while you are earning in 2019

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Are you ready for robotic colleagues? Will your skills withstand Industry 4.0? If you're considering learning while you're earning in 2019, here's how to make sure it fast-tracks future career successes! 

  1. Investigate the skills of tomorrow: There's much speculation around what capabilities will be called for in the future, but experts tend to agree the way we work will be 'less robotic and more human'. Soft skills, creativity, problem-solving and complex reasoning will all come to the fore, along with our ability to seamlessly collaborate with machines. The lesson? Predict skill-set demand and study accordingly! Maybe a master class in scenario planning?
  2. Make it snackable: Microlearning was a big trend for 2018 – and will probably continue to be a game-changer in 2019. Short courses – ranging from two to 20 days – are an excellent way to learn continuously in small 'snack-sized- pieces.
  3. Explore online: Zegr predicts the global corporate e-learning market will hit the $165-billion mark by 2019. Cutting costs and increasing efficiencies, online learning is only going to grow in popularity next year.
  4. Get your 'people skills right': Studying project management could be an excellent idea. Collaboration, communication and soft skills are all predicted to be big deals in the diverse workplace of tomorrow.
  5. Get your company's support: Most companies are prioritising employee development, so chat to yours to see how it can support you on your journey.  Also, ask how studying further slots into career advancement. Could a promotion be on the cards?

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