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Management Index Report
Second USB-ED Management Index provides further insights into the South African managerial context

The USB-ED Management Index was first published in 2014 as a surveyed indicator of what is going well for South African managers and what it is that organisations still need to focus on. As a first of its kind in South Africa, the USB-ED Management Index provided a detailed exploration of the key leadership and organisational challenges facing managers in this country.​

The enthusiasm with which the results of the first USB-ED Management Index were met has highlighted the value of understanding the many challenges facing South African managers as well as the opportunities available to them.

The second USB-ED Management Index, published end April 2015, expands on the findings of the first survey, with the data gathered allowing the researchers to develop rich and interesting interpretations regarding the South African managerial context. An electronic questionnaire was distributed to just over 14 000 managers across South Africa during November/December 2014, to which a total of 383 managers responded. Almost two-thirds (59,3%) of the managers that participated in the survey represent private sector organisations, and a third occupy senior management positions (30,6%). Small, medium and large companies are represented in the survey, with the largest number of respondents (26,1%) working for companies which fall into the category employing between 50 and 500 employees.

Topics explored in this edition of the Index include: the current management, organisational and personal challenges facing South African managers; aspects related to change and transformation; ethics, responsibility and sustainability in South African organisations; diversity management; and organisational approaches to learning and development.

The survey, as indicated by the topics explored, focuses on a number of challenges which still need to be addressed in order for South African organisations to move forward. These challenges include aspects related to communication, the management of change, leadership development and career development opportunities within organisations.

Dr Carly Steyn
Dr Carly Steyn is an organisational development consultant, USB-ED faculty member and senior lecturer at UWC’s School of Business and Finance. Her areas of expertise are organisational development, change management and leadership development.
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Dr Diane Bell
Dr Diane Bell is the academic director at USB-ED and a senior lecturer extraordinaire at USB. Her areas of expertise include executive development, quality assurance and diversity management.

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