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Gaining a broader perspective on career and life

Why did you enrol for the Master Class in Strategic Human Resources?
I heard about the opportunity through Global Natives, and it appealed to me because it was presented by USB Executive Development (USB-ED). In 2013 I attended the one-year Africa Leadership Development Programme with USB-ED and it had a hugely positive impact on me. I still apply what I learned during those modules in my day-to-day work. I was really excited to be a part of that experience again and couldn’t help but to sign up for the Master Class in Mauritius.

What were your expectations of the Master Class and were they met?
Along with the theory I was hoping to gain a lot of practical examples that I could apply myself. This Master Class exceeded my expectations!

What were some of the key learnings you experienced?
I learned that, when facing a problem, it is important to take a step back and reassess the situation. I also learned that we are all part of a system. If one part is affected, it naturally has an effect on all of the other parts – whether we realise it or not. Where such interdependence occurs, it becomes critical to realise that we cannot exist without collaborating with each other.

Would you recommend this course to others?
Definitely. With a focus on systems thinking, this programme equips you with a broader perspective on work and even life. It is helpful to understand that we should always think of the ideal future (have a vision), and then on how we could take small steps (or huge leap frogging) towards the ideal future. Without this perspective we may continue to improve every day, but may not end up where we want to be. Alternatively, we may fall into the habit of always doing the same thing – which is worse.

Where to from here?
I now apply systems thinking in my everyday life and at work. I have used these lessons in my leadership development coaching, in strategy formulation, and even in customer workshops. It has also helped me to rethink what my career aspirations are, and I am taking baby steps in the right direction! 
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