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Empowerment Academy

USB Executive Development (USB-ED) and the Empowerment Academy have partnered to present the Economic Empowerment Fundamentals Programme. USB-ED facilitators present the Governance study school, and USB-ED awards successful participants of the programme with a certificate of Stellenbosch University.


About Empowerment Academy

As a Level 1 BEE Contributor, the Empowerment Academy specialises in offering unique and tailor-made skills development solutions to its clients. These turn-key solutions ultimately target the optimisation of their clients' scores for skills development on the Transformation Scorecard as specified in the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice. In the spirit of true transformation, versus mere compliance to the Codes, the Empowerment Academy embraces BEE as a sustainable strategy that creates intrinsic value for its clients and is beneficial for all parties involved. The Empowerment Academy endeavours to facilitate true transformation that moves beyond the BEE Code's focus on race to permeating the culture and values of a company​ and the individuals that make up its work force.

In collaboration with USB-ED, the Empowerment Academy has developed the Empowerment Fundamentals Programme to improve the employability of many graduates. A number of employees of companies are trained to improve their knowledge of personal and company ethics, good corporate governance, and effective broad-based black economic empowerment. This programme has been instrumental in ensuring the promotion of many successful participants within their companies.

Leadership: Werner Dyer, Managing Director, Empowerment Academy

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Werner Dyer's passion is the development of people and unleashing the undiscovered potential within each individual. He has spent his career empowering pupils, university students, gap-year students, youth living in impoverished communities, teachers, disabled people, community leaders, employees, and leaders of companies. He has been the CEO and director of various companies, is a trustee of the B4 Initiative Maths and Science Trust, and is a member of a number of professional organisations.

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