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Brindha Roberts - EDP 2016

Brindha Robberts-web.jpgBrindha is a chemical engineer by profession responsible for corporate sustainability at Kimberly Clark. She shares her experience with us on the Executive Development Programme which she attended in 2016.​​

Having done the Leadership Development Programme (LDP) in 2013, I had a perspective what the Executive Development Programme (EDP) is going to be and at which level it is going to be targeted.

I chose the EDP because of the opportunity for personal growth. The learning I got from the LDP and benefits gained, brought me to a stage where I felt I need to step up again.
I started in April 2016 with the EDP to upgrade my business skills and it met all my expectations absolutely. The networking, interactions and content have been exceptional in the sense that it has not been bookwork as such, but practical and implementable work.

You can walk out of here into your work and daily life and find something that "rings true" and reminds you of something in the programme. This helps you to try a new approach to a problem.

I never previously had anything to do with economics and thought it was going to be difficult. I actually enjoyed it tremendously.
From a more personal perspective – when you're in a work environment, you are limited by your position in an organigram. In the EDP​ environment, you have people in all kinds of positions of an organisation.

The networking and interaction with them on the same level without an organigram provide you with the opportunity to benchmark yourself and your ability much better than in the real world out there.
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