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Africa Day Speaker summary

Tendesi Stella Makunike (Zimbabwe)
Africa needs African solutions. We have enough resources and the people. We may not have the skills, but we just need to dig deeper within ourselves to come up with the solutions.

Prof Obiora Ike (Nigeria)
It is the foundation of its culture that makes Nigeria tick. It is a culture that is very diverse. Nigerians believe that it can be done and done better. There is hope and believe that Africa’s time is on the horizon.

Dr Karabo  Mokobocho-Mohlakoana (Lesotho)
Africa is the most beautiful place in the world and Lesotho has touched my heart.

Eddy Jolicoeur (Mauritius)
I consider Mauritius as the gateway to Africa.

Kenneth Molosi (Botswana)
Botswana is built on four principles: Democracy, Development, Self-reliance and Unity. When I asses leadership on a political level, I look through these four lenses.

Ntombi Langa-Royds (SA)
We in SA tend to make “junk status” as a huge catastrophe, but in the last 30 years we’ve been more times in “junk” than out of it. We should not focus so much on that, but rather on that what would take us out of it.

Dr Njeri Mwagiru and Dr Nyambura Mwagiru (Uganda)
Uganda offers an alternative democratic model that opens up the conversation about different models of democracy. 

Dr Wanjiku Muiruri-Mwagiru (Kenya)
It is very difficult for a country or region in Africa to stand alone. It needs to be aware of how it fits in with Africa and the world. We must contextualise in which we live in.

Khutso Evelyn Modiselle (Ethiopia)
Africa Day for me means unity and celebrations and that Africa is becoming one state.

Isaac Nkama (Zambia)
Zambia is a great country whose contribution to the freedom and wellbeing of Africa is historically recognised throughout the continent.
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