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Young Minds Entrepreneurship Programme


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Young Minds Entrepreneurship Programme helps school-leavers, students and young graduates to create their own career opportunities in life. 

The programme benefits  you in the following ways:

• It will help you to define your direction and goals in life.
• It will prepare you to embark on a career path in business
• It will enable you to apply entrepreneurial thinking to
create opportunities and wealth for yourself, and others.
• It will help you gain management and business skills that
will increase your employability.​




Target Audience

  • Matriculants who want to prepare for a successful career
  • Students who terminated their studies and feel unsure about the future.
  • Young graduates who want to create their own opportunities or move into corporate business.​

What does it cover

The programme covers the following study areas:​

  • Entrepreneurial thinking and innovation
  • Economics
  • Strategic thinking and management
  • Personal mastery
  • Human resources
  • Leadership and team work
  • Marketing
  • Operations Planning and Project management​
  • Financial management




Please note: In order to keep the structure and content of this programme relevant it is subject to change.

Below are two adverts that a few of our 2011 Gap-year students created:


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