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Managing Projects


The Managing Projects programme enables participants to analyse, draw up a project plan, manage and execute any project of any kind and size, in any industry and within the context of strategic and business management.




Target Audience

Middle to senior managers.

What does it cover

Over the course of the programme, participants will be equipped to:
  • distinguish and interpret the relationship between organisation strategy and project management and differentiate between various categories of projects
  • interpret and apply the interrelatedness of performance, duration and cost relationships in a project with respect to the project management scoping process
  • explain how the various project role players relate to each other in a matrix organisation and define and discuss the responsibilities of each role player
  • apply a comprehensive scoping process and understanding that the rigorous formulation of the scope of a project is a critical success factor in the execution of a project
  • formulate the scope of a project (of any kind or size), including validating any assumptions made, and evaluate the foreseeable risks, as well as determine the mitigating actions required
  • develop the budget of a project from the various types of costs as they relate to the activity, the project and the corporate context
  • monitor the actual cost and schedule progress of a project in comparison to the planned cost and progress
  • interpret the meaning of the variances, diagnose the cause of the variances, suggest remedial measures and make a prognosis of and forecast the eventual outcome of the project in terms of budget and schedule




Please note: In order to keep the structure and content of this programme relevant it is subject to change.


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