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Management Programme for NPOs


The Management Programme for NPOs focuses on promoting social development in South Africa by enhancing managerial effectiveness, service delivery and good governance in the NPO sector. In order to be sustainable, NPOs must be managed efficiently and have the ability to attract, secure and retain funding.




Target Audience

The current or aspiring manager of a non-profit organisation (NPO) who has no formal qualifications in management.

What does it cover

Over the course of the programme,  participants will be equipped to:

  • Make a strategic assessment of the medium-term sustainability of their nonprofit organisation and identify high-level challenges and potential opportunities 
  • Write a fundraising strategy for their NPO 
  • Read and understand financial statements to determine the financial health of the NPO 
  • Apply leadership skills and hence better utilise human capital
  • Assess the governance model of the NPO




Please note: In order to keep the structure and content of this programme relevant it is subject to change.


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