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Fundamentals of Risk Management


​​​​​Providing detailed insight into risk management and its implementation in organisations.




Target Audience

This programme is aimed at a range of participants, including those pursuing a career in risk management, and newly appointed risk champions, risk managers and risk officers. Those in positions of leadership in organisations will also benefit as they are required to oversee risk management. The programme will assist those personnel who are required to drive, coordinate and facilitate risk management in their organisations or departments as part of their everyday duties.

What does it cover

  • Participants will be equipped to implement the framework for managing risk in their organisation or business unit and to create and sustain risk management partnerships.
  • Participants will have sufficient knowledge to drive risk management development and implementation and to facilitate risk management activities and processes.
  • Participants will have sufficient knowledge of risk management drivers and enablers of risk management to be able to assist all levels of the organisation to fulfil their risk-related responsibilities.
  • Upon successful completion of the programme, participants will receive a certificate of competence from Stellenbosch University





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