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Food Security and Globalised Agriculture


​​​​In order to deal with issues of food security, it is important to understand the globalised nature of food systems and how this context challenges attempts to address hunger and food security. ​​




Target Audience

​Postgraduate students, professionals and practitioners working in government, corporate or civil society sectors who wish to gain a deeper and broader understanding of the forces at work in the globalised food system and the causes of hunger and obesity. 

What does it cover

​Participants will be introduces to varying notions of food security and a deep discussion of globalised food systems is a key focus: how international food trade works; challenges of globalised food systems; issues around climate change, food miles, peak oil, land for bio fuels  vs land  for food and the environmental sustainability of this food system.

Central themes will include:

  • Overview of globalised food systems
  • Food and nutrition security - global status, plicy responses and debates
  • Food systems thinking
  • Food Security and agricultural policy in South Africa (with references to other country cases too)





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South Africa