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Customer Centricity


​​​​​​USB-ED’s online Customer Centricity Programme is aimed at equipping senior individuals with the ability to create sustainable value for customers by assessing and designing a customer-centric business or organisation. Participants will learn to understand the purpose ​of a customer-centric culture and will be able to link this with their organisation’s strategy. The programme is  presented by an expert in the field. 




Target Audience

​The programme is aimed at individuals who have strategic influence on customer experience design, including managers, senior managers, business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers and product developers.

What does it cover

​​The following subject areas are covered: 

Customer-driven strategy

Defining what customer-centricity (CC) means to an organisation; a model for CC; understanding why CC is important; aligning CC to strategy and values; determining the entrenchment of CC in the organisational culture; designing customer management; understanding customer empathy; creating context in the design thinking process. 

Customer experience management 

Understanding how a specific organisation defines its customer experience; applying the ‘Idealise’ design model; assessing organisational design and channel design gaps that are systemic to an organisation’s strategy (including a case study). 

The programme will be presented through a virtual platform that includes Moodle and Skype. Throughout the programme the facilitator will be available to guide on academic content. Participants will be required to complete an individual assignment.




​​​Please note: In order to keep the structure and content of this programme relevant it is subject to change.


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