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Corporate Governance and Sustainable Enterprise


​​​​​​​​Business responses to the challenges and opportunities presented by sustainability range from ad hoc and project driven through to strategic and integrated. This module will investigate the drivers, approaches and barriers for corporate actors to realise sustainable business practices with special emphasis on developing country contexts and particularly South Africa. 




Target Audience

This module is aimed at individuals working within, or looking to engage further with the corporate sector. 

What does it cover

Key themes to be explored include the range of activities that corporates could be undertaking in order to transition towards embedding sustainability into organisational culture, leadership and strategy. In this module, we take  a systems perspective to explore corporate governance and responsible investment practices as part of the broader context in which businesses operate. We also look at the role of partnerships and collaboration in the transition to sustainable business. 

Participants should anticipate to:
  • Gain a core understanding of the fundamentals of what constitutes a sustainable business and their role in the transition to a sustainable economy, as a consumer, employee, entrepreneur and citizen;
  • ​Engage in debate on whether corporate sustainability reflects a genuine shift in attitudes and behaviour;
  • ​​Identify opportunities to realise organisational and systems level ​changes.​





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