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Special Days
Special days: Swaziland National Flag Day

Happy National Flag Day Swaziland!

Today, Swaziland commemorates the moment when the country adopted its own flag after gaining independence from Great Britain on 6 September 1968. The British flag was officially replaced a month later. ​

The design of the flag is based on the military one given to the Swazi Pioneer Corps by King Sobhuza II in 1941 to remind them of the country's military traditions. It comprises three horizontal stripes. The top and bottom stripes are blue, indicating stability and peace. The central strip is red, which represents past struggles, and is edged with two thin yellow stripes that signify the country's mineral resources. The shield, spears and staff in the centre of the red stripe symbolise protection from enemies. The black and white colours of the shield indicate a peaceful coexistence of the black and white population.

The day is considered an official public holiday in the Kingdom of Swaziland.​

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