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Faculty Focus: Nishana Bhogal

Nishana Bhogal is the Director of Leapfrog Enterprise Solutions and a facilitator for USB-ED's New Managers' Development Programme (NMDP) and Management Development Programme (MDP). Her areas of expertise include leadership, innovation, finance and economics. This week Nishana shares some thoughts with us.


What is the toughest leadership challenge businesses face today?

"I think the biggest challenge that leaders in business face is balancing ethics and maintaining profitability. Modern businesses often increase their geographical areas, while decreasing their response times. This dynamic and competitive environment places increasing pressure on leaders to deliver, which may result in leaders compromising on ethical considerations."


What attracted you to work with USB-ED?

"USB-ED is respected in the market and maintains high standards, thus attracting a high calibre of academic and support staff. Working in such an environment inspires me to excel. In addition, as faculty, I am encouraged to conduct research and engage with corporate executives, which enables me to continually develop myself."


Do you have a mantra or slogan that you live by?

"My mantra is, 'The sun will come out tomorrow.' I find these words inspiring, since it reminds me that no matter how difficult my current circumstances appear to be, there is always hope that things will improve."


What career advice would you give yourself looking back to when you started out?

"My advice to a younger me would be: always follow your passion; set stretching goals; be true to yourself; and there is only learning and no failure."


Tell us about a book you have recently read?

A book I recently read and would recommend is Inglorious Empire: What The British Did To India by Sashi Tharoor. The book is well researched and well written. The author shares a passionate perspective of colonised India, and he corroborates his assertions with sound research."

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