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Dr Lulu Gwagwa

Dr Lulu Gwagwa
USB-ED Africa Directors Programme alumnus and guest speaker


Who do you look up to that inspires you most?

For me it is not so much about who I look up to. I am inspired by my children, Bulelani and Nana, to be the best I can be. The privilege and responsibility of having brought them into this world inspires me to wake up in the morning and make my contribution towards a world in which they can thrive, and be the best they can be, too.


What is the biggest life lesson you have learnt to date?

It is those seemingly small choices that we make every minute that ultimately determine where we end up in life. Interestingly, most of these choices we make without even thinking!


If you could give your younger self advice, what would it be?

Be sensitive to those around you (their views, their feelings, etc). But remember that you have your own unique purpose. So while being mindful of others, be true to your own life's purpose.


What does leadership mean to you?

Leadership for me is the ability to make others dream beyond their imagination, and simultaneously creating the environment within which they can make those dreams come true.


If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

I would do away with spatial inequality. I would make sure that a girl born in rural Umzimkulu or in Bangladesh has the same life chances as a girl born in Sandton and in Norway. Where (and to whom) you are born should not be the key determinant of your future.


What does true beauty mean to you?

Only God is true beauty and perfection. So for us mortals true beauty lies in the confidence with which we accept and embrace our imperfections.

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